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More than 10 years of experience and expertise in the construction of various types of shaft

Introduction of Reliable Industrial Group

The quality you expect with the price you will not believe.

The reliable industrial group has started its activities in making a variety of shafts in the year 90, and since 95 its efforts to clamp and assist for the supplier of all groups that are in the field of printing and packaging and automation. The group is from devices and will give the group to the group for closures and progress.
To the supervisory of Abraham Maqiqi

Our specialty

Design, construction and supply of all parts in the field of printing, packaging and automation.

What is the Air shaft

The shaft is in the device in the industry that has been rolled up or collecting materials that are rolled or replicated. Like in the print industry

What is the use of air shaft

The air shafts are used in the tried processes for displacement. Materials displacement such as: aluminum, sheet, all kinds of films and paper ...

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The quality of their services has led us to choose the reliable industrial group for good projects. Thanks for Mr. Movassaghi.


Customer comment

Good support and service quality led to the good collection of Ind to implement its projects.

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